• Introduction: I was a Traveler before I was Raped

    This is the first of a series of posts for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The night I was raped, my life was split into two. At first, it seemed like a higher being had taken a pair of scissors and snipped me in half, so clean down the middle. Imagine blood red ribbons fluttering to […]

  • Why I Travel—Perspective, from a Medical Student

    why i travel - perspective

    This post is part of the Why I Travel Series. The series features guest posts from other travelers from all kinds of backgrounds living in different countries all over the world. I wanted to showcase different voices and individual experiences, to show how all our single dots on the map string together to become one big […]

  • Let’s be Financially Independent, Ladies! An Interview with Samantha Lorenz

    financial independent lifestyle

    This post is part of the Feisty Finances Series, which strives to encourage greater financial independence in women, in the context of travel, so that they can take greater control over their lives and find the freedom to do everything they want. On Fridays, I come at you with articles about financial independence, and sometimes […]

  • The Walls are Crying: Vandalism is not Responsible Travel


    Our guide stared at the wall with contempt. A single bold, black handprint was stamped onto the rock. It interrupted the sea of blushing red and pale white handprints. A bruise the rock wall had suffered—that was what it looked like. As if someone had come and slapped her; she still bore the scar. Above, […]

  • Our Achievements on International Women’s Day are the Results of Years of Work: How I Celebrate IWD

    Hmmm, so, as I post this at the start of International Women’s Day, people on the other side of the globe are already more than midway through March 8th. I’m a little bit late to the table today but, truthfully, celebrating female strength and women’s power takes place every. single. day. On that front, I think […]

  • He Left in a Beat-up Truck: The Beauty of Lost Connections

    In the summer of ‘12, I met a guy who’d traveled by bike all the way from Ontario to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, then gave it away in favour of thumbing the rest of his journey. The day before he left his hometown, he went around to all the bakeries and cafes, trying every cupcake in search […]